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Q and A with Ryan Dangerous Davis


Ryan Dangerous Davis, the 2005 WBE Intercontinental junior middleweight champion, has been in the ring and around boxing since early childhood. Ryan grew up in Granite City, IL, a few miles from St. Louis, MO. His brother introduced Ryan to the world of boxing consequently with his own involvement in the sport. Ryan started his amateur boxing career around the age of 9 at North County Gym in North St. Louis with his father (Terry Davis) along with Roger Bloodworth, trainer for comrade Robbie Peden.

Twice during Ryan's amateur career, he earned the chance to box in the Junior Olympic Nationals (age 14, 15). There he fought former 2000' Olympian, Donte Craig. Ryan's talent and dedication for the sport of boxing prevailed, receiving a "Golden Glove Champion" status for 6 years: 90' 91' 95' 96' 97' 98'.

Ryan also attended Police Athletic League Nationals, where he won two bronze medals in 95' 96' and ranked third in the U.S. both those years. The last few years of his amateur career, Ryan's success took him to the U.S. Championships twice: 97' 98'. After nearly 12 years of conditioning, both physically and mentally, Ryan's dedication to the ring paid off, elevating his status to "Pro".

Ryan's first professional bout on October 20, 1999, taking stage in Elgin, IL against Willie Cruz, made Davis well aware of his transition from amateur to pro. During Ryan's first professional debut, his opponent managed to connect massive body-shots, breaking a few of Ryan's ribs. For most boxers, the pain alone would undoubtedly compromise their performance and the chance to continue fighting. Not for Ryan. The years of mental conditioning paid off in the way of "mind over matter", driving him to finish the fight and win his first pro bout.

After nearly 17 years of training by his father Terry Davis, achieving numerous victories and only one loss, Ryan joined Garcia Boxing full time to train with Max Garcia and Don Familton. Ryan and his father both agreed that this was the way to become more consistent, more diligent, and to achieve his maximum potential. In addition, Ryan acquired new management for his boxing career, Kathy Garcia.

Garcia Boxing provided Davis with many new and exciting opportunities that continued the advancement of his professional career. One included becoming a stable mate of Oscar De La Hoya. Ryan began working with Oscar, "Sugar" Shane Mosley, Vince Phillips, Johnny Tapia, and good friend Robbie Peden, hoping to soak in as much professional experience and knowledge possible.

After a year and a half of fighting under Garcia Boxing management, Davis realized the relationship was not equally balanced. This realization was clearly recognized when Davis’s management team unraveled a potential victory with Carlos Bojorquez by allowing promoters to dictate the unorganized schedule of events that ended his winning streak. After the confusion, lack of support, and a post cold shoulder from his management, a mutual agreement was made. Davis returned to Illinois for training.

Today, there are many eyes evaluating Davis, regardless of his geographical location. Representatives of Oscar De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions have scouted Davis as a potential client, or possibly as an opponent for one of their current fighters. This could be a significant opportunity for Davis and his professional boxing career.

As of August 2014, Ryan "Dangerous" Davis holds a record of 24-14-3 with 9 KOs. You can find him coaching at Finney's HIT Squad in Granite City, IL or his father's gym (Knuckles Gym) of Madison, Illinois.



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